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Berlin & Potsdam. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


Only when the new year started I realised that I never finished writing about our Eurotrip. Only one last stop was left to present – Berlin. We have spent a long time there, so it almost started feeling like home.

A few days of touristing in Berlin and a visit to Potsdam, plus two more weeks to explore the local creative scene of Berlin. We were even considering of staying there, but in the end decided to see the possibilities of Lithuania. In these two weeks we visited so many interesting places, yet there was still much more left to explore. We were discovering galleries, design shops, cafes and other artistic places. We were enjoying all the new things and even forgetting to take photographs.

Eventually we left Berlin, but not for long – a few months later we visited it again. This time it was more work than holidays. Hopefully there will be more visits like that in the near future.

See you soon creative city!

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Here are the pictures from Berlin and Potsdam…


Barcelona. Eurotrip, June – July 2016

Barcelona time!

We took a flight from Zurich to Barcelona. It was already one of the last stops in the trip. During all the trip (except a few days in Amsterdam) we had an amazing warm sunny weather. After coming from Mexico’s heat this felt like a pleasant warmth with some fresh winds. But not in Barcelona. Here we had full-on heat every day of our stay. And night!

Since Roberto and I were coming to Barcelona for the second time, we felt quite familiar with the place. This time we explored the areas farther from the city centre, discovered new places and neighbourhoods. We also went to visit Sagrada Familia, what we didn’t do the first time, as it didn’t look so attractive with lots and lots of people surrounding it. We didn’t have to wait long to get in and what we found was something I didn’t expect to see. The shapes, lights and colours, space and scale of this building looked just impressive.

We also planned to visit Montserrat monastery during this stay in Barcelona, but once again this plan didn’t work out. Instead we had a day to relax (at least me), and Roberto was suffering a bit with a swollen foot. For a month he kept walking with some sea urchins’ spikes in his feet, that he got while surfing in Mexico. And after so much walking things got a bit bad. But we manged to take those spikes out and next day Roberto was in a good state once again.

Barcelona looked different during this second visit, without having a strong first impression, I could see the details clearer. I still admired the look of the city, enjoyed exploring new sights, but the special charm had faded away, somehow this time it felt a bit snobbish. Despite this impression it is still one of my favourite spots for exploration.

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Zurich & the Alps. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


lucerne_28This time it is going to be a short post, just like our stay in Zurich. This beautiful city became our base for a few days. We had one day to explore Zurich itself and another one – to say hello to the most amazing views in the Alps by Lucerne.

I wish we had more time to spend in Zurich, as I really liked the city. The old town with its narrow streets surrounded by charming buildings reminded me of a fairytale. I heard there are a lot of galleries and designer studios around Zurich, but didn’t have a chance to get into this research.

We stayed with my husband’s friend in a very nice flat on the side of Zurich, from where we could travel easily, either towards the city, or the mountains. it was a very pleasant short visit with a warm welcome.

Here it is, just a short glimpse of Zurich:

And let’s not forget about the mountains. There is not much to say about the Alps, as you can imagine, it was amazing!



Vienna. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


From Prague to Vienna, yet another beautiful train trip. To be honest, Vienna always seemed to me like one of those museum cities, where there are so many historic places to see, but somewhat the city itself is slightly inactive in the contemporary setting. Now it was time to see it for myself.

From one train trip we switched to another one. This time – public transport, which looked even better than the train we arrived with. We got off slightly farther from the city centre to find our accommodation we booked earlier. We found spacious streets, surrounded by large buildings, everything looked very ordered and clean. But somehow it felt quite empty, probably this impression was emphasised with the proportions of buildings and streets. I got the sensation of being a tiny detail in the whole big picture of these man-made structures.

Next thing was to explore the city! And so we started our trip into the palaces and museums of Vienna. The architecture in here is impressive, regardless the fact that most of the city was rebuilt after the wars. However, by rebuilding the replicas of historical buildings and keeping them in a perfect shape at all times, they loose a part of their natural life, making the place feel kind of distant, like a museum.

We didn’t have a chance to explore Vienna in more detail, but we managed to find a few interesting places with local music scene and art/design. I was hoping to find more interesting activities in this city, but I guess the time we had was not enough even to get a tiny glimpse of what is happening in this relatively large city. I believe that having more time to explore Vienna would show the other side of it, filled with interesting events, people and places.

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Prague. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


We took a train from Munich to continue exploring Europe. Next on our list was Prague. After a nice ride we reached this fairy-like city greeting us with a perfect Summer weather.

It was my third time in Prague, but it felt like visiting a new place, as it changed quite a bit after my last trip 9 years ago. All the monuments and the great old architecture was still there, just this time I saw a shift from a tourism-oriented museum city, into a hub for locals, students and foreign residents. in other words, Prague became even more interesting and beautiful.

We stayed in the most amazing flat near the city centre, just across Vltava river, which we rented through Airbnb. Almost every time we went out to explore the city we had to go across the river with the most beautiful views. And of course this walk would lead to more great views! And the city itself felt so cosy and slightly familiar, from time to time bringing up some memories from the previous visits.

Very soon Prague became one of my favourite places during this month-long trip around Europe.

P.S. I wrote a city guide for Prague for ideasblock online magazine. Have a look!



Munich & Neuschwanstein. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


Time to continue the trip… After spending a few days in Amsterdam we took a train to Germany. After the long night trip we arrived to Munich. Personally I never had Munich on my list of cities to visit, but it is always nice to explore new places.

It is quite a traditional city, where religion plays an important role. Therefore, it can be a bit slow here on Sundays. So if you are going to spend a weekend in this place, be prepared and get yourself some food in advance, or else you might have to invest some time in finding places that open on Sundays.

Munich is one of those big German cities where you can find yourself surrounded by large buildings, feeling a little tiny wandering around its spacious streets. And if you are looking for a traditional local beer, this is for sure a good place to get it, as the region of Bavaria is well known for that.

Never mind all the things you can see in this city, the most important one is the river surf! Yes, in here people surf the waves right in the city centre, where they queue to catch their wave in the river. That is something special to see, even if you are not that into surfing.

I said it all about Munich, now it’s time to move on to Neuschwanstein. I am sure you heard something about this fairy-like castle before. For sure it is beautiful, and also a little bit dreamlike, made to imitate an ideal image of what castle should look like. It was a grand project by Ludwig II of Bavaria that he never got to complete. The castle itself is situated in one of the most beautiful places in Europe – the Alps, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes… Enjoy the view!

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Amsterdam. Eurotrip, June – July 2016


It has been a while since I wrote to any of my blogs. After the last post we spent a few more months in Mexico. We travelled a bit, worked a bit and packed our bags for Europe. And then we got involved into a trip around Europe. It was a one month long round-trip. We visited many interesting places, even more galleries, palaces, churches, parks and other great things! And of course our heads got saturated with this intense travelling.

The trip was a great inspiration, overloaded with amazing art, history and lots of other information. It is quite hard now to separate it into parts, because in my head it just became one big thing. But here is the beginning: Amsterdam. Amsterdam was our first stop. A few years back we lived here for a few months and now it was nice to go back to this beautiful city. It feels great coming to a city that is so familiar, knowing its streets, and yet finding new unexplored places, exploring it all over again.

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Exploring San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende_18

Let’s continue the journey!

Up next on our list is San Miguel de Allende. We heard many interesting things about this place and wanted to see it with our own eyes.

San Miguel de Allende is one of the most international places in Mexico, with quite a big foreign community. The first wave of foreigners moved here long time ago and among them there were quite a few artists. For this reason the city has a good amount of galleries. Our only concern before going to San Miguel was that most of these galleries and boutiques are quite static and old-school, attracting older audiences. As we were looking for something more contemporary, young and progressive. And it appeared to be true: a great number of foreigners who live here or come as tourists are from the older generations. Nevertheless, we found a few interesting and more progressive places.

And the city itself is very cosy with its narrow streets surrounded by bright colonial architecture, small patios, balconies and terraces with beautiful views…

Photographs taken by Roberto Becerra and me.


A few weeks ago we left our home in Tijuana where we lived for the past two years. And now we are based in Leon for a bit. Here we are working, meeting lots of people and exploring the possibilities that Guanajuato has to offer.

The other day we went to visit the city of Guanajuato, whic