Vienna. Eurotrip, June – July 2016

by liucijatextiles


From Prague to Vienna, yet another beautiful train trip. To be honest, Vienna always seemed to me like one of those museum cities, where there are so many historic places to see, but somewhat the city itself is slightly inactive in the contemporary setting. Now it was time to see it for myself.

From one train trip we switched to another one. This time – public transport, which looked even better than the train we arrived with. We got off slightly farther from the city centre to find our accommodation we booked earlier. We found spacious streets, surrounded by large buildings, everything looked very ordered and clean. But somehow it felt quite empty, probably this impression was emphasised with the proportions of buildings and streets. I got the sensation of being a tiny detail in the whole big picture of these man-made structures.

Next thing was to explore the city! And so we started our trip into the palaces and museums of Vienna. The architecture in here is impressive, regardless the fact that most of the city was rebuilt after the wars. However, by rebuilding the replicas of historical buildings and keeping them in a perfect shape at all times, they loose a part of their natural life, making the place feel kind of distant, like a museum.

We didn’t have a chance to explore Vienna in more detail, but we managed to find a few interesting places with local music scene and art/design. I was hoping to find more interesting activities in this city, but I guess the time we had was not enough even to get a tiny glimpse of what is happening in this relatively large city. I believe that having more time to explore Vienna would show the other side of it, filled with interesting events, people and places.

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