Barcelona. Eurotrip, June – July 2016

by liucijatextiles

Barcelona time!

We took a flight from Zurich to Barcelona. It was already one of the last stops in the trip. During all the trip (except a few days in Amsterdam) we had an amazing warm sunny weather. After coming from Mexico’s heat this felt like a pleasant warmth with some fresh winds. But not in Barcelona. Here we had full-on heat every day of our stay. And night!

Since Roberto and I were coming to Barcelona for the second time, we felt quite familiar with the place. This time we explored the areas farther from the city centre, discovered new places and neighbourhoods. We also went to visit Sagrada Familia, what we didn’t do the first time, as it didn’t look so attractive with lots and lots of people surrounding it. We didn’t have to wait long to get in and what we found was something I didn’t expect to see. The shapes, lights and colours, space and scale of this building looked just impressive.

We also planned to visit Montserrat monastery during this stay in Barcelona, but once again this plan didn’t work out. Instead we had a day to relax (at least me), and Roberto was suffering a bit with a swollen foot. For a month he kept walking with some sea urchins’ spikes in his feet, that he got while surfing in Mexico. And after so much walking things got a bit bad. But we manged to take those spikes out and next day Roberto was in a good state once again.

Barcelona looked different during this second visit, without having a strong first impression, I could see the details clearer. I still admired the look of the city, enjoyed exploring new sights, but the special charm had faded away, somehow this time it felt a bit snobbish. Despite this impression it is still one of my favourite spots for exploration.

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