My Life Story Short

Once in a while I find myself moving from one place to another, searching for something new and fresh. I guess it all came from the habits of my parents, always on the move. Changing smaller for bigger, town for city, busy for quiet, going further and further.

It all started when I was five years old. From a small town in my home country, Lithuania, my family moved to the capital city Vilnius. Later on my parents realised that living in a flat is not what they wanted, they dreamed of having more space. So after seven years spent in a flat we found a new place to live. My parents started building a house. During the period of constructions, which took two years, we were temporary staying in another house. We moved into the new place when I was fourteen. And I lived there until it was time to move again.

And that time came six years later. I moved quite far away, to Edinburgh, Scotland. The purpose of that was to study textiles. The period of my stay in Edinburgh was a great time spent in one of the most amazing cities. This place kept me excited all the time. Every day I would notice something beautiful over there. And I didn’t stop moving, I kept changing my flats from year to year. However, after finishing studies I decided to look for a new place to explore.

I was running away from the rainy weather and I ended up in another rainy place – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although my stay over there was not very long, only four months. I was living in a tiny flat with my boyfriend, a cosy place at the top of the steep stairs. All I can say is that it was a great place to live, a city full of life. However, we had to go back to the United Kingdom, as my boyfriend, Roberto, was a bit restricted with migration issues. He had a visa to live in Britain, but not anywhere else in Europe. He is another traveller like me, just coming from the other side of the world, Mexico. So it was time to move, once again.

It was hard to decide where to go next. However, there was a small job in Liverpool for Roberto so we went there… and we stayed for one year. Here I started a small online textiles shop alongside another job. I was spending my time drawing and designing as well as embroidering, dyeing and screen printing fabrics. I started making small fashion, interior and stationery products to sell. However, we were seeking better job opportunities, so we kept an eye on other possibilities all the time. And one year later, my husband (as we got married while living in Liverpool) got offered a job in a faraway land – Tijuana, Mexico. And we took the opportunity!

It was the move to Mexico that gave me an idea to start this blog. The blog to share new experiences and future journeys. Who knows, I might be on the move again… and again.

As time goes by I have to fill in this page with up to date information, while I roam around the world. Right now, I am back in Lithuania, as we decide it was time to visit Europe once again. I can’t tell for sure how long is it going to last, but I will keep you updated.