Zurich & the Alps. Eurotrip, June-July 2016


This time it is going to be a short post, just like our stay in Zurich. This beautiful city became our base for a few days. We had one day to explore Zurich itself and another one – to say hello to the most amazing views in the Alps by Lucerne.

I wish we had more time to spend in Zurich, as I really liked the city. The old town with its narrow streets surrounded by charming buildings reminded me of a fairytale. I heard there are a lot of galleries and designer studios around Zurich, but didn’t have a chance to get into this research.

We stayed with my husband’s friend in a very nice flat on the side of Zurich, from where we could travel easily, either towards the city, or the mountains. it was a very pleasant short visit with a warm welcome.

Here it is, just a short glimpse of Zurich:

And let’s not forget the mountains. There is not much to say about the trip to the Alps, as you can guess, it was amazing!